High Range PCA, Drink Driving Charge at Sutherland Local Court (2nd offence within 5 Years) Fail to Stop

Our client's His High Range Drink Driving offence was aggravated due to his failure to stop at a RBT site, the matter was further complicated by his previous offence. He resides interstate and was in New South Wales on a holiday at the time of the offence, which meant he was unsuitable for community service. His Honour exercised great leniency and made an order that our client enter into a good behavior bond rather than dealing with the matter by a alternative form of custodial sentence. [...]

Mid Range PCA (2nd offence within 5 years) & Drive whilst Suspended – Sutherland Local Court

This was quite a tricky matter for several reasons and had the potential to have very serious ramifications for our client besides punishment by fine and suspension. We were able to avoid any orders for Community Service which was important for our client. In fact, even the period of disqualification was shorter than anticipated and was backdated to the delight of our client.

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