Section 10 – Things you did not know?

Things you did not know about a section 10 Section 10's are famous and popular. It is the outcome most of our client's are seeking when they contact us for assistance. Most people have heard of a Section 10. And if they haven't, they quickly learn about them when they are charged by the police.   Unfortunately, due to its popularity, and the rumours about the possible meaning of a Section 10, it is the most confused area of law in the community.   To [...]

Mid Range Drink Driving Parramatta Local Court

Mid Range Drink Driving Matter in Parramatta Local Court A wonderful result for a client today who was charged with mid range drink driving. Our client needed his licence for work as a truck driver. He also looked after his elderly, ill mother and father. After hearing our submissions, and seeing all the testimonials, the Court gave our client a section 10 dismissal subject to a 9 month good behaviour bond. Our client was very happy and very emotional. We too were elated with the [...]

Section 10 for Low Range Drink Driving Matter at Fairfield Local Court

Low Range Drink Driving Charge Fairfield Local Court Our client is a young man who found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was pulled over for drink driving. He has been battling depression on his own and had been self medicating with alcohol. When we met him, we referred him to his GP for assessment and referral to a drug and alcohol specialist. We made submissions to the Court about our client's struggles and his treatment plan. We also tendered some [...]

Section 10 in Burwood Local Court for MID RANGE Drink Driving

Mid Range Drink Driving Charge | Section 10 A fantastic result for our client who was charged for mid range drink driving matter. He needed his licence to get to and from work and to support his wife and young family. After hearing our submissions and reading the references in support of our client, Burwood Local Court granted our client a Section 10 (1) (b) dismissal of his matter. Our client was relieved and overjoyed with the outcome and sent us an email thanking us [...]

Low Range DUI, PCA (Section 10) – Sydney Downing Centre Local Court

Great result for a deserving client today charged with Low Range Drink Driving to appear in the Sydney Downing Centre. Our client was charged with a low range drink driving with aggravating features. His driving record was extensive. He desperately needed his licence so he could continue with his Real Estate business. After careful preparation and submissions by us, our client got the Section 10 outcome he sought and was able to drive home.

Low Range PCA (Section 10) – Liverpool Local Court

Our Liverpool client is employed in the transport industry and came to see us because any loss of license would mean he would no longer be able to earn an income, he has no other skills. His Honor had regard to our submissions and our client's improved driving history in recent years. The matter was dealt with by way of a Section 10 good behavior bond which means he can continue to drive and provide for his young family.

Low range PCA – Waverley Local Court

Low Range PCA / Drink Driving charge at Waverley Court ( section 10 result) Like so many members of the community, our client had a heavy reliance on the ability to drive for his employment. Unfortunately his traffic record was poor, however, with plenty of preparation and strategic submissions we achieved the best result possible a Section 10 and he can continue to progress in his career.

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