High Range PCA, breach of s.10 Bond – Blacktown Local Court

Our Blacktown Local Court client was charged with High Range PCA whilst he was on a Section10 bond for a previous matter. Fortunately for our client, His Honour took no action on the breach of bond and reduced the automatic period of disqualification. An order was also made that he is eligible to participate in the interlock program which means our client can be back on the road within 6 months!  

Mid Range PCA (repeat offender) – Parramatta Local Court

Whilst this matter was an unremarkable in the  sense that it is similar to matters the court sees on a daily basis, it required a unique approach due to our clients poor prior history. In balancing community expectations  the court was required to consider alternative sentencing options given that a custodial sentence was a possible option. His Honour Had regard to our clients personal circumstances and his genuine attempt to rehabilitate himself which was supported by documentation, a relatively short community service order was made to allow [...]

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