Mid Range Drink Driving Parramatta Local Court

Mid Range Drink Driving Matter in Parramatta Local Court A wonderful result for a client today who was charged with mid range drink driving. Our client needed his licence for work as a truck driver. He also looked after his elderly, ill mother and father. After hearing our submissions, and seeing all the testimonials, the Court gave our client a section 10 dismissal subject to a 9 month good behaviour bond. Our client was very happy and very emotional. We too were elated with the [...]

Section 10 in Parramatta Local Court for low range drink driving matter

Low Range PCA | Drink Driving Charge We appeared in a low range drink driving matter (reading 0.68) at Parramatta Local Court. Our client was a mature aged lady, who was actively involved in the community and needed her licence to begin a new job that she just managed to obtain. Her new role was located in an area where public transport was sparse. Also, our client's elderly mother relied on her to take her to medical appointments and to assist her from time to time [...]

Low Range PCA and fail to Stop (overseas client) – Parramatta Local Court

Our client was charged with low range drink driving after failing to stop for a random breath test, he was visiting Australia at the time and resides overseas. Whilst the court (Parramatta Local Court) was concerned about his behavior, His Honour had regard to his need for a license given that our client relies on a valid Australian license when driving overseas. His Honour heavily reduced the automatic period of disqualification and imposed a nominal fine.

Severity Appeal – Parramatta District Court

Our Parramatta District Court client recently received a lucrative job offer abroad. However, he received  an Intensive Corrections Order  in the Local Court which meant he could not leave the state of NSW. Our submissions to the Judge on severity eventually convinced him to allow the appeal and vary the custodial sentence, our client is now able to take up his dream job. See:  Appealing PCA Charge

Mid Range PCA – Parramatta Local Court

Mid Range Drink Driving Charge at Parramatta Local Court. This matter was unusual and required a tailored approach. The circumstances of the offence were aggravated by the number of passengers in the motor vehicle. Having regard to her need for a license Her Honor exercised her discretion with strict bond conditions. A brilliant result for our client who was ecstatic!

Mid Range PCA (repeat offender) – Parramatta Local Court

Whilst this matter was an unremarkable in the  sense that it is similar to matters the court sees on a daily basis, it required a unique approach due to our clients poor prior history. In balancing community expectations  the court was required to consider alternative sentencing options given that a custodial sentence was a possible option. His Honour Had regard to our clients personal circumstances and his genuine attempt to rehabilitate himself which was supported by documentation, a relatively short community service order was made to allow [...]

Mid Range PCA – Parramatta Local Court

High range drink driving charge at Parramatta Local Court which was slightly aggravated by our client's manner of driving, additionally our client's criminal history did not assist. His Honour heavily reduced the automatic period of disqualification, backdated, while having regards to our client's limited disposable income when applying the financial penalty.  

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