High Range PCA | Negligent Driving – Liverpool Local Court

High Range / Negligent Driving at Liverpool Local Court This matter had the potential for catastrophic consequences, fortunately only property was damaged in the collision. His Honour had regard to our submissions and material tendered in support of our client who had been going through a particularly challenging period at the time of the offence. His Honour exercised his discretion and dealt with the matter by way of a good behavior bond as an alternative to community service.

Mid Range PCA & Neg Driving – Campbelltown Local Court

Mid Range Drink Driving Charge at Campbelltown Local Court. Ordinarily the court would consider that punishment by way of fine and disqualification would be insufficient when an intoxicated driver has had a serious collision. However, after explaining our clients personal circumstances to the Magistrate, coupled with his remorse and supporting documentation, His Honour was minded to significantly exercise his discretion.

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