High Range PCA – Campbelltown Local Court

Campbelltown Local Court. We were instructed by our client  after he returned a reading in the high range during a night out. He also had a previous high range many years ago. Our client received a job offer up the coast which would depend on the severity of the sentence, it was important that we achieved the best possible result. During our submissions we addressed the court on his need for a license and lengthy period during which he committed no driving offences. His Honour was convinced that [...]

Mid Range PCA and Exceed Speed – Campbelltown Local Court

Our Campbelltown client was a repeat drink driving offender and the matter was aggravated by speed. The short proximity between the offences resulted in the court having to impose a custodial sentence. We were successful in convincing the court that any custodial sentence should be suspended due to our clients personal circumstances and the steps taken to rehabilitate himself. Our client was able to walk out of court and continue his rehabilitation with his family .   Campbelltown Local Court Details

Mid Range PCA & Neg Driving – Campbelltown Local Court

Mid Range Drink Driving Charge at Campbelltown Local Court. Ordinarily the court would consider that punishment by way of fine and disqualification would be insufficient when an intoxicated driver has had a serious collision. However, after explaining our clients personal circumstances to the Magistrate, coupled with his remorse and supporting documentation, His Honour was minded to significantly exercise his discretion.

Campbelltown Local Court – Low Range PCA

Our Campbelltown client had gone through a particularly difficult period due to illness and required his license to attend medical appointments. Campbelltown local court was concerned because he had committed a previous PCA in the past. It took quite some effort to allay the courts fear that our client would not re offend and deserved an a second chance, in particular due to his need for a license. Eventually the court dealt with the matter in accordance with s10 and our client can now continue with [...]

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