1. What is a Section 10?
Section 10 is a special discretionary power that the Magistrate hearing your matter can exercise. That power is to dismiss the drink driving charges that have been laid against you. A magistrate may also attach a condition to a Section 10, such as a bond or a fine. Things you need to know about a Section 10.

2. Can I Get a Section 10?
Obtaining a Section 10 Dismissal of your drink driving matter will depend on the circumstances. Generally speaking, it is easier to obtain a Section 10 Dismissal for a low range drink driving charge rather than a high range drink driving charge. Other factors do have an important impact on the likelihood of obtaining a Section 10. An example of this is your previous driving record and/or your criminal record.

3. This is What We Can Do for You

We can advise you on whether it is likely that you will be able to obtain a Section 10 Dismissal. If applicable, we can then make strong submissions on your behalf to the court that may result in the magistrate exercising his discretion and granting you a Section 10 Dismissal.

4. It’s Our Job!

The team at Drink Driving Solicitors is a team of supportive, knowledgeable and skilled lawyers who specialise in all drink driving matters. They understand the fundamental principles of the applicable laws and how they affect you and your rights. The lawyers at Drink Driving Solicitors have practiced in drink driving matters for a long time and have acquired, over the years, all the expertise required to argue your case and win.

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