On November 9 last year, police were called to a Dysart hotel on an unrelated matter.

While officers were there, Meryl May Yasserie walked to the front door and looked inside before returning to her vehicle, the Mackay Magistrates Court was told.


She was intercepted by police nearby.

Prosecutor Michael Ball said she had been taken back to the Dysart police station after a random breath test resulted in a positive reading.

Yasserie told officers she’d consumed about a quarter of a bottle of whiskey, the court was told.

Her blood alcohol reading was 0.234%, Mr Ball said.

Defence solicitor Dave Ritchie, of ATSI Legal Services, said Yasserie had a “blank” about the night.

She made an early guilty plea and was co-operative with police, the court was told.

Yasserie pleaded guilty yesterday to driving under the influence of liquor.

Magistrate Ross Risson said Yasserie’s reading showed there was certainly a significant amount of alcohol in her system.

“And on its face could explain your lack of memory,” Mr Risson said.

She was convicted and fined $2000.

Her licence was disqualified for 14 months.

Source: Daily Mercury by jekert