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I am a Solicitor. I have been acting for people charged with drink driving for over 10 years. I can assist you with any query you have when it comes to drink driving. I understand how stressful being charged with drink driving can be. I also know how trying it is without your driver's license. That's why I love helping people with their drink driving matters, including preparing the matter and appearing at all court hearings. And most of all, I enjoy getting my client's great results.

Section 10 in Parramatta Local Court for low range drink driving matter

Low Range PCA | Drink Driving Charge We appeared in a low range drink driving matter (reading 0.68) at Parramatta Local Court. Our client was a mature aged lady, who was actively involved in the community and needed her licence to begin a new job that she just managed to obtain. Her new role was located in an area where public transport was sparse. Also, our client's elderly mother relied on her to take her to medical appointments and to assist her from time to time [...]

Section 10 for Low Range Drink Driving Matter at Fairfield Local Court

Low Range Drink Driving Charge Fairfield Local Court Our client is a young man who found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was pulled over for drink driving. He has been battling depression on his own and had been self medicating with alcohol. When we met him, we referred him to his GP for assessment and referral to a drug and alcohol specialist. We made submissions to the Court about our client's struggles and his treatment plan. We also tendered some [...]

Section 10 in Burwood Local Court for MID RANGE Drink Driving

Mid Range Drink Driving Charge | Section 10 A fantastic result for our client who was charged for mid range drink driving matter. He needed his licence to get to and from work and to support his wife and young family. After hearing our submissions and reading the references in support of our client, Burwood Local Court granted our client a Section 10 (1) (b) dismissal of his matter. Our client was relieved and overjoyed with the outcome and sent us an email thanking us [...]

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