Low Range PCA – Waverly Local Court

Our Drink Driving client had a lot riding on today's result, his employment, ability to pay debts and independence were all on the line. Comprehensive submissions and thorough preparation eventually convinced the Magistrate at Waverly Court to exercise discretion. Our client can now drive immediately and return to his daily life without concerns about the very real ramifications a loss of license would have had.

Low Range Drink Driving Charge at Waverley Local Court

Low Range Drink Driving Charge at Waverley Local Court Our client was a mature red P Plate driver had a strong need for a license as a single working mum. Her Honour commented that although it was unusual to deal with the matter by was of section 10 she was convinced it was an appropriate action in this situation. Our client was greatly relieved and can now look forward with optimism.

Low Range Drink Driving charge at Waverley Local Court, Drive Unregistered and Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Our client was charged with offences that carried fines which could  have potentially been several thousands of dollars. Her Honour had regard to our submissions made with respect to her capacity to pay any fines and the effect the loss of license will have on her. Her Honour imposed the minimum period of disqualification and imposed a nominal fine.