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Section 10 for Low Range Drink Driving Matter at Fairfield Local Court

Low Range Drink Driving Charge Fairfield Local Court Our client is a young man who found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was pulled over for drink driving. He has been battling depression on his own and had been self medicating with alcohol. When we met him, we referred him to his GP for assessment and referral to a drug and alcohol specialist. We made submissions to the Court about our client's struggles and his treatment plan. We also tendered some [...]

Mid Range PCA & Collision – Fairfield Local Court

Our client returned a high reading after being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Her Honour had regard to his need for a license and the material in his support. Fortunately four our client he received a minimal amount of Community Service hours and Her Honour dramatically reduced the automatic period of disqualification.

Low Range PCA – Fairfield Local Court

Low Range PCA / Drink driving charge at Fairfield Local Court. Our client was a tradesman and his ability to drive was essential for his employment. The matter was complicated by the fact that he was a provisional license holder and had a zero alcohol limit. His Honour had regard to our submissions, the material in support of our client's need for a license and his participation in the traffic offenders program, ultimately dealing with the matter by way of section 10.