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In this section of our Blog you can view Drink Driving Cases and Results.

High Range PCA, Drink Driving Charge at Sutherland Local Court (2nd offence within 5 Years) Fail to Stop

Our client's His High Range Drink Driving offence was aggravated due to his failure to stop at a RBT site, the matter was further complicated by his previous offence. He resides interstate and was in New South Wales on a holiday at the time of the offence, which meant he was unsuitable for community service. His Honour exercised great leniency and made an order that our client enter into a good behavior bond rather than dealing with the matter by a alternative form of custodial sentence. [...]

Low Range PCA – Downing Centre Local Court | Section 10

This matter was complicated by the fact our client was only a slight fraction away from mid range. Our client was working at the time on a 457 visa which meant both his employment and visa were in jeopardy. Her Honour had regard to his precarious situation and dealt with the matter with a lengthy section 10 good behaviour bond.

Low Range PCA and fail to Stop (overseas client) – Parramatta Local Court

Our client was charged with low range drink driving after failing to stop for a random breath test, he was visiting Australia at the time and resides overseas. Whilst the court (Parramatta Local Court) was concerned about his behavior, His Honour had regard to his need for a license given that our client relies on a valid Australian license when driving overseas. His Honour heavily reduced the automatic period of disqualification and imposed a nominal fine.

Low Range drink driving Charge – Windsor Local Court

This matter was more complex than a standard low range due to the peculiar way our client came to the attention of police. Our client was desperate to keep her license as she was the sole breadwinner for her family. His Honour was persuaded by our submissions and supporting material and dealt with the matter with a short bond. Our client was extremely relieved and can now continue to drive.  

Mid Range PCA (repeat offender) Sydney Downing Centre Local Court

Our client was subject to the new laws relating to compulsory interlock participation which came into force in February 2015. We addressed His Honour on our clients reliance on his ability to drive for both personal and professional reasons. His Honour made an order for the minimum period of disqualification and if our client participates in the interlock program he will be able to drive within a matter of months.

Mid Range PCA & Collision – Fairfield Local Court

Our client returned a high reading after being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Her Honour had regard to his need for a license and the material in his support. Fortunately four our client he received a minimal amount of Community Service hours and Her Honour dramatically reduced the automatic period of disqualification.

Mid Range Drink Driving – Newtown Local Court

Our client came to the attention of the police due to his manner of driving. His Honour had regard to the references from his employer and his participation in the Traffic Offender Program. A small departure from the minimum of 6 months was ordered, however,  His Honour did backdate the period of disqualification to the date of the offence.

High Range PCA, breach of s.10 Bond – Blacktown Local Court

Our Blacktown Local Court client was charged with High Range PCA whilst he was on a Section10 bond for a previous matter. Fortunately for our client, His Honour took no action on the breach of bond and reduced the automatic period of disqualification. An order was also made that he is eligible to participate in the interlock program which means our client can be back on the road within 6 months!  

Bankstown Local Court – Mid Range PCA

Our Bankstown client was charged with a mid range drink driving and his driving history was poor, however, our detailed submissions and supporting documents convinced His Honour to apply the minimum period of disqualification. The courts are becoming increasingly harsh on drink drivers as we approach the holiday season. Bankstown Local Court details