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In this section of our Blog you can view Drink Driving Cases and Results.

Blacktown Local Court – Low Range Drink Driving Charge (2nd offence within 5 years)

Low Range PCA Charge heard in Bankstown Local Court. Our client is employed in the construction industry and an lengthy period of disqualification would put his position in jeopardy. Her Honour made a mandatory interlock order and our client will be able to drive in as soon as three months.

Low Range PCA – Parramatta Local Court

Our Parramatta client had to overcome the significant hurdle of a particularly poor driving history for such a young man. His Honour had regard to our clients participation in the Traffic Offenders Program and our submissions for leniency on sentence, ultimately exercising his discretion and imposing the minimum period of disqualification with a nominal fine.

Mid Range PCA, Negligent Driving and License Expired Matters – Liverpool Local Court

Our client was involved in a serious collision as a result of his intoxication, fortunately no one was injured. His Honour had regard to the steps our client had taken to address the causes of his offending behaviour through rehabilitation. His Honour imposed a relatively small number of Community Service hours and reduced the automatic period of disqualification.

Low Range Drink Driving Charge at Waverley Local Court

Low Range Drink Driving Charge at Waverley Local Court Our client was a mature red P Plate driver had a strong need for a license as a single working mum. Her Honour commented that although it was unusual to deal with the matter by was of section 10 she was convinced it was an appropriate action in this situation. Our client was greatly relieved and can now look forward with optimism.

High Range PCA | Negligent Driving – Liverpool Local Court

High Range / Negligent Driving at Liverpool Local Court This matter had the potential for catastrophic consequences, fortunately only property was damaged in the collision. His Honour had regard to our submissions and material tendered in support of our client who had been going through a particularly challenging period at the time of the offence. His Honour exercised his discretion and dealt with the matter by way of a good behavior bond as an alternative to community service.

Low Range Drink Driving charge at Waverley Local Court, Drive Unregistered and Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Our client was charged with offences that carried fines which could  have potentially been several thousands of dollars. Her Honour had regard to our submissions made with respect to her capacity to pay any fines and the effect the loss of license will have on her. Her Honour imposed the minimum period of disqualification and imposed a nominal fine.